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11:49 Jan 17, 2014 · Opinion · By Glen Weppler

We’re planning the design for a new student residence proposal and we want your help.

A student-focused residence will need student-formed design. We want your opinion, your thoughts, and your ideas!

Over the next six weeks, we will be looking for your feedback on a number of different topics related to a new residence. As director of housing, it’s my job to ensure students receive quality housing while they are students at the University of Waterloo. Both I (@Wepps) and Andrew Noble (@nobullnoble), our project co-ordinator, will be interacting with students online through Twitter to receive your feedback regarding the potential of a new student residence.

To help guide the discussion we intend focus on one of the six topics each week for the next six weeks: 

  • Your Ideal Rez
  • Personal Space
  • Common Space (aka the “third” space)
  • Food
  • Amenities
  • Design

At this point, the plans are not finalized (nor approved) and we want students to inform our final proposal that will go to the board of governors later on in the process. However, some guiding concepts are taking shape, such as:

  • Preferred location: A parking lot at UWP
  • Size: Around 500 student beds
  • Amenities currently being considered: Food court, coffee shop, student lounge, games tables, study locations, etc.

Living in residence is one of the most common experiences our undergraduate students understand since 80 per cent currently live in residence or lived in residence in their first year. My team and I believe strongly that living on campus contributes to your learning and development. Design of a residence can promote or discourage learning opportunities. Your input will help us create space which promotes the creation of a learning environment in a new living space.  Join the discussion on our blog and on Twitter by following #newUWrez.


Glen Weppler

Director of Housing


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