Crossword: Digimon Tamers on the brain

Crossword Jan 11, 2013 · Distractions · By Mika Ilic

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1. It follows see and hack

4. Hitherto (2 words)

11. Taste, or seeing dead people

16. Abbr. for known aliases

17. The Governator’s country of origin

18. The thing that dangles in your mouth

19. Extremely alarming (think of bad dreams)

21. Used to push soft foods through holes to make them smaller

22. Doctors bang this during a check-up

23. The snake of the sea (kind of)

24. Usually the creepiest relative in a family

25. A person appointed to speak for others

31. A building illuminated by lights

34. Ready, __, fire

35. An animal’s house

36. An atom with a net electric charge

37. Taken from one adage, this apparently doesn’t kill people

38. The property of being more than sufficient

41. Happen one after another

44. A song backwards

45. Brad Pitt’s __ of Life

46. When liquid is injected into the rectum

48. Identical

52. C20H26N2O, the hallucinogenic

55. Mention in one entry to another

58. A destructive attack

62. The 19th Greek letter

63. A long, long time __

64. Small

65. Price

66. Coastal regions with a subtropical climate and vegetation

68. Not hostile

72. Clubs have a check-in for these

73. The “t” in GTL

74. Hint

78. Plural of torso

79. Someone who can speak through thoughts

83. Related on the mother’s side

84. One of John Lennon’s most well-known songs

85. The Mediterranean or the Black

86. Douchebags

87. “Water is the __ of wetness; wetness is the __ of beauty” — Derek Zoolander

88. Public announcements that sell a product (abbr.)



1. What happened to your battleship after it gets hit four times

2. Related by blood

3. Carry on a war

4. Slang abbr. for the art on skin

5. Singing with your mouth closed

6. Supposedly the greatest country in the world

7. University is one; so is Erb

8. Follows French and home

9. This always needs a clean-up in grocery stores

10. A cheer onomatopoeia

11. Gave a last name to

12. Kick out of a home

13. An atomic species characterized by the specific constitution of its nucleus

14. Napoleon Dynamite liked them on his date

15. Van Gogh cut one off

20. Odysseus or Hercules

24. Advantageous

26. A square has four; a dodecahedron has 12

27. Add

28. Wash with water

29. Sleep during the day

30. Plural of the phonetic spelling of the letter after “m”

31. Curling your fingers into a ball

32. Set lower

33. The amount of times you should try everything

38. Turn your eyes away

39. When people don’t know, they missed the…

40. Michael Jackson didn’t have one per se

42. Four walls and iron bars

43. In cm: 2.51

47. Awake

49. At a distance

50. Level of WarGreymon or MetalGarurumon

51. Son of Aphrodite

53. Troy Polamalu and John Lynch

54. Contests with deadly weapons

56. The Fray’s “How to __ a Life”

57. Opposite of 56 Down

58. Possess

59. Neoconservatives short form

60. Married Spanish women

61. Bros use too much of it

66. Go back on a promise

67. __-a-Sketch

69. You do this to turkeys for dinner

70. Super potion, hyper potion, repel, etc.

71. Social occasions with special entertainment

75. Follows Mona; precedes Simpson

76. Applied

77. The seventh Greek letter

78. Earl Grey or Green

79. (A lot of) men are terrible at tying these

80. Fasten

81. African National Congress

82. You place a golf ball on this to start

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