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Jan 11, 2013 · Science · By Ricky Hemant

  • CLG Prime jungler, Steve Chau

  • Former CLG EU jungler, Stephen Ellis (A.K.A. Snoopeh)

Popular League of Legends team seeks greener pastures elsewhere

Everybody’s favourite League of Legends team, CLG EU, has recently decided to not sign under the CLG banner, but instead look elsewhere to pursue their goals. They had been one of the online game's most popular professional teams.

The decision to sign under another banner was a mutual decision between the team members. CLG EU’s jungler, Snoopeh, said on his Facebook, “I would like to say when we first joined CLG, we were a new team with a lot of potential — but as we grew as a team and attained great results over the past has led to us ultimately outgrowing the organization we were part of.”

Many fans have speculated that CLG Prime’s lack of success and it being overshadowed by their European counterparts was the main reason for the eventual split-up.

On Dec. 28, 2012, when the news became public, CLG Prime’s jungler and shotcaller, Chauster, said on his “Ask Me Questions” forum that he thinks that CLG EU players had a “greater than thou” complex, thereby making them feel that they were better than the organization. He said, “CLG (Prime) gave CLG EU a great chance to play on an estabilished LoL (League of Leg ends) organization by investing in a no–name team. CLG EU reciprocates in a few months and does well. CLG EU wants more and more. CLG (Prime) obliges. Eventually outside offers are too great.”

Chauster also said that he was not pleased with the fact that CLG EU decided to leave. He told his fans through his forum on the CLG website that CLG EU did not appreciate them and took them for granted.

“CLG (Prime) picked up EU from the ground because HS [HotshotGG]believed in them. CLG EU finally reciprocates and they respond via this. I understand the business side to an extent, and it would be completely different if the progression was handled differently and [more] amicably than it was, but I can’t say it did,” he said.

On a positive note for former CLG EU fans, the players have decided not to split and will instead be moving together in Cologne, Germany.

There have been rumours that the team has decided to sign under the banner of Evil Geniuses. According to Gamespot’s Rod “Slasher” Breslau, Evil Geniuses, after making an entry into games like Counterstrike, Starcraft, DOTA 2 and Quake, might make an entry into the League of Legends pro scene after acquiring former CLG EU.

However, to do that they will have to bid for them (former CLG EU) against AZUBU, a team which already is famous for having two very strong League of Legends power house teams, Blaze and Frost, in Korea.

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