UW prof explores wage disparity

Since the 1980s, the Ontario public sector has worked to remove gender-based wage disparities, however, according to a new UW study published in partnership with WLU, the provin... Read More »

Pro-life group alleges censorship by the university and Feds

Former UW student detained for fear of terrorism

Big turnout for Feds AGM, bigger decisions made

UW student researches perception of sexual violence on campus

Fostering a puppy on campus

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How to spend your summer volunteering in K-W

The snow has melted, the sun is (sort of) shining, the geese are nesting, and people are finally shedding their winter coats. While a lot of us may want to kick back and Netflix... Read More »

Axe and you shall receive

A room worth a view ... sort of

Now you’re getting the picture

Non-stop campus living, four days and three nights in a row

Pop-Up Museum explores life on and offline through art

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UW students go big at Nordic international hackathon

Four UW students took their intelligent design ideas to the global stage as they participated in the Nordic Internet ... Read More »

The future is ... March 2017

UW researcher thinks STDs encouraged monogamous relationships in hunter-gatherer societies

Into the twilight once again

Nitrogen levels in soil and water poses a risk to health and environment

UW prof. researches prescription of antipsychotic drugs

Exploring the global water issue on CNBC

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The Waterloo housing bubble

Let me preface this by saying I know nothing about economics. That said, if someone does, please write in and explain how I am wrong, or right. Let’s see.  The housing... Read More »

Official statement from Opt-In UWaterloo on general meeting

What’s your pronoun?

Re: “There’s nothing to be gained by killing WPIRG,” March 23

Quilts for mental health: Is it the spirit of why not?

Why men need feminism

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5 tips to start exercising and lose weight for lazy students

Hey, look, it’s finally spring, which means it’ll soon be summer, which means tanning season. If you&rsqu... Read More »

Two Warriors recognized in East-West Bowl nods

Waterloo is a GO on CS

Sunscreen, the best protector of skin

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Meet your Feds 2016 VPED Candidates

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Meet your Feds 2016 Presidential Candidates

Meet your Feds 2016 VPIN Candidates

Get to know your Feds 2016 Candidates in 15 questions

Meet your Feds 2016 VPOF Candidates

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