Where does the money go?

In this bi-weekly series, Imprint sits down with the heads of different services provided to staff and students acros... Read More »

On-campus solicitation

International Justice Mission to end modern day slavery

Sexuality, Marriage, and Family studies event aims to bring awareness to domestic violence

News Briefs

Waterloo Watch

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Frightened for Finals? Don’t forget these basic tips

As the weather gets dark and cold, and final exams approach, you may be feeling the stress and pressure building up with all of the work and the studying that, for some unknown ... Read More »

I will go down with this ship

Pizzeria to the stars

42 Fine Arts Students find their identity

Mocktails and mental health

Fat Amy would have loved it

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The Race to Connect the World

In the developed world we tend to believe that the entire planet is connected to the Internet but the troubling reality is that only about a third of the world is currently onli... Read More »

UW startup advances to the regional round of $1 million competition

Smart solutions brings health innovators to Talk Change

Campus compost still going strong

Campus compost still going strong

Micro Files

Net Neutrality in Canada — does the U.S. debate affect us?

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Reflection on progress

As I reach the end of my undergrad, I wonder what has been accomplished — beyond the degree requirements and extracurriculars. I’m talking about the fuzzy personal g... Read More »

Sex doesn’t always have to be graphic

Organizational Technologies & Social Innovation

Being socially awkward is no excuse

Re: re: A man with no party, Nov. 7

The foundation at Waterloo

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Showing up Laurier for the fans

After a disappointing six-game losing streak to open the  men’s hockey season, the Waterloo Warriors have put together a respectable five-game winning streak — two o... Read More »

Forever a Warrior

Warriors fail to handle Carleton and concede win in hard-fought match

Warriors send Toronto home with the blues

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IJMUW Red Light Green Light Screening

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12-Hour Draw-a-thon proves anyone can be an artist

Wektoberfest Highlights

Imprint Exclusive: An interview with Justin Trudeau

A recap of Trudeau's visit to the University of Waterloo

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