Where does the money go?

In this bi-weekly series, Imprint sits down with the heads of different services provided to staff and students acros... Read More »

Campus Crime

Canadian transit systems not up to par

News Briefs

Waterloo Watch

Low wages and lower job satisfaction: Number of sessional lecturers raises quality concerns

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Fall anime: the sound of the season

With the number of anime shows being produced increasing every year, it gets harder to choose between what to follow,... Read More »

UW and Laurier music hopefuls can “sing for their shot”

Sogo a no-go

Being Earnest has never been more important

Under the dog kickstarter campaign in review: putting our faith in decent anime

Onward art

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PT: Playing Terror

While my week has been spent engrossed in way too much Destiny, I’m still  hesitant to voice an opinion on it. ... Read More »

Baby got back (pain)

Micro Files

Looking forward to fall 2014

Micro Files

Hydrated World: Fashion and activism collide

UW professor tackles cancer treatment with new approach

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Ombuds Waterloo?

The University of Waterloo does not have an ombudsperson! To me, that is more than a surprise; it is a shame! An ... Read More »

It's not easy being blue

Can't buy me love

Re: Feds Board of Directors Closes Meetings, June 28, 2014

Can you last the fast?

Hashtag history

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Warriors whacked in loss to Laurier

Another chapter in the Battle of Waterloo on University Avenue came to a close Sept. 13 as the Wilfrid Laurier Golden... Read More »

Defending champs? So what?

UW students champion physical culture

Waterloo comes out even against Brock at Warrior Field

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Imprint Exclusive: An interview with Justin Trudeau

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A recap of Trudeau's visit to the University of Waterloo

Imprint Round Table: Team Nova

Imprint Round Table: Team Green

Imprint Round Table: Team Spark

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