Proposed changes could affect how students toss their trash

Changes to the region’s waste management program aimed at reducing landfill waste could prove to be a learning ... Read More »

Feds in talks with UW to prioritize club usage of Fed Hall space

New beer rules delight and confuse

7D and 7E buses are here to stay, for now

See something, say something

Are exams a dying breed?

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Your guide to KWís summer festivals

KW Multicultural Festival June 20-21 Since Canada is a multicultural country, multiculturalism just has to be celebrated. The KW Multicultural Festival is held in Victoria... Read More »

UW student responds to logo-winning criticism

The age of marvel

Million dollar competition

Going evergreen

A look forward to spring 2015 anime

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Women in computing: The numbers problem

It’s no secret that tech has gender issues. On top of a workforce and student population that has a higher male-to-female ratio than almost any other field, harassment, di... Read More »

FourOneSixFourSeven: Upcycling textile waste into trendy accessories

UW student brings stationary bike desks to campus

Education to employment Ė teaching Africans how to code

Taking a shot for a healthier world

Starting up in London

Code B: UW algorithmic hackathon

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Meet Imprint's part-time editorial staff

Madzia McCutcheon Creative Director, Print Design When I first got involved with Imprint last spring term, I di... Read More »

RE: I donít live here, Iím just visiting, March 27

The abundance of national (blank) days

Opposition to the new sex-ed curriculum

Editorial cartoon, Apr. 2

Whereís the beer, Bomber?

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How much are you loviní it?

As one of the world’s largest fast-food chains, McDonald’s has recently introduced kale salads to its Can... Read More »

UW Equestrian leaps to new heights

My personal fitness pal

Varsity recruiting rights and wrongs

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How do you feel being whistled at?

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What are your thoughts on spring term?

Nudity in the Newspaper

Nesting Season Advice

What TV show are you currently watching?

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